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If you are searching for a general Dentist in Glendale CA who offers great care and service at an affordable price, you will find just want you are looking for at Smile Makeover of LA. Dr. George Sahakyan is an experienced Glendale dentist with a holist approach, who along with his team of professionals is dedicated to providing the best dental care. Smile Makeover of LA offers patients the services of Drs. George and Stella Sahakyan, a highly skilled brother and sister practice. They listen to the concerns of their patients and provide them with the best treatment options suited to their personal needs and preferences.


Patients seek the services offered by dental offices for a number of reasons including chronic or acute conditions requiring immediate care. This dentist Glendale location provides the most advanced treatment techniques and advises patients concerning preventative care. Routine dentistry needs such as simple tooth extractions, dental fillings and ultrasonic dental cleaning are everyday procedures along with more specialized treatments such as dental implants.

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The dentists at Smile Makeover of LA want to provide patients with treatments designed to meet their individual needs. Drs. George and Stella Sahakyan counsel patients on how to improve their dental health and prevent recurring dental problems. They offer specialized treatments such as root canals, crowns and wisdom teeth extractions. They provide quick, easy and painless treatments for all patients regardless of the procedure. All patients benefit from the advanced techniques and gentle care.


Many people want to improve their appearance by improving their teeth. Cosmetic dentistry provides patients with a new sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. Our cosmetic dentist in Glendale understands and listens to the unique needs of each one. At Smile Makeover of LA, cosmetic dentistry is considered an art that requires extensive experience to perfect. Our skilled and talented dentists counsel patients to help them visualize the perfect smile for them and work diligently to create it. Our dentists strive to please each patient by enhancing their natural beauty by utilizing the best tools of cosmetic dentistry.

At Smile Makeover of LA, teeth whitening and dental implants are some of the main services we offer our patients. These along with orthodontic procedures benefit patients in their quest for a brighter smile and overall better appearance. Our Glendale orthodontist offers treatments and uses advanced techniques including braces designed to correct any misalignment of your teeth as quickly and painlessly as possible. We use the new Invisalign in our treatments. This alternative to wire braces has numerous benefits such as less probably of tooth decay, less pain and fewer restrictions on food and drinks. Since this clear alternative is only placed on the front of the teeth, fewer gum problems occur. These clear aligners are almost invisible, which makes them a much more pleasant choice for teeth straightening.

From the time you arrive for your appointment and enter our pleasant waiting room, you will experience a calm and comforting environment. Our professional staff is there to greet you and make sure that you receive the attention you deserve. All staff members are dedicated to providing professional and courteous service designed to meet your unique needs. At Smile Makeover of LA, you are assured of receiving the very best dental care from committed dedicated dentists who listen to your concerns and individualize each dental procedure. Here you will find the highest quality of dental care in a family-friendly atmosphere.


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